The First Smart ISUP by SipaBoards is Here!

Sipa Boards Air - Smart ISUP

Everyone knows the ISUP market is moving fast with new developments in design, style and technology being release with alarming regularity. This is a something I believe is a good thing for the sport and a good thing for enthusiasts. Like you and me!

The latest notable development comes in the form of a smart ISUP no less – which primary stand out function is self inflation.

On crowdfunding website Kickstarter, a team by the name of SipaBoard recently launched a bid for funding with their ISUP, the SipaBoards Air.

Their target of $100,000 was quickly reached and at the time of writing has reached just over $170,000 with cash still being raised.

The smart element does seem to be limited to self-inflation so they make the most of highlighting this feature (which does seem to be handy) however there’s something I quite like about warming up with a brisk inflation of the board. But each to their own.

There are three different board styles available and the rewards are shipped worldwide for any backers of the SipaBoards campaign. The boards are advertised as entry level standard and come with many features of regular ISUPs which shows they haven’t neglected the all-round package in favour of focusing on the self-inflation.

The video featured on Kickstarter is below and if you want to read a full transcription we’ve added it below the video too.

You can still fund their campaign on Kickstarter where a number of rewards are available depending on the amount you’re willing to part with from a 6 pack of postcards (for a pledge of $20 or more) to 3 pack of paddleboards (for a pledge of $2,990 or more).

Video Transcription:

“Self-Inflating Stand Up Paddle Boards

Hey Everyone. We’re SipaBoard, the team that designed the world’s first smart sup.

Our patented award-winning design is bringing joy to people all over the world.

And a lot of them said they would even like to have a SipaBoard just for the self-inflation.

So, here we are: introducing SipaBoards Air, the next step in the evolution of stand up paddle boarding.

All you have to do is activate the magnetic switch and let the rechargeable battery take over from there.

It’s so easy to fall in love with this board; it’s great exercise and if you’re as lucky as we are, you get to enjoy some pretty beautiful scenery in the great outdoors.

Stand up. That’s the first thing on our minds in the morning.

And that’s why we keep our boards so close at hand. Probably because they fold up so small that we can just stash it anywhere.

And that small size comes in handy again when we want to hit the water. Just toss it in the back of the car and head off.

Everything you need is right in your backpack, you don’t need to worry about a thing. Not even pumping!

You know, there’s talk that paddle boarding is set to become an Olympic sport. But why not pumping? After all, that’s the hard part.

That’s exactly why I don’t love pumping. With my SipaBoard Air, I just start it up.

To continue our mission of spreading the sport of paddle boarding, we developed the self-inflating SipaBoards Air line whose technology make sure that your ISUP is always at the right pressure and hardness.

As for the board itself, top-notch quality means drop stitch technology that will keep your board shape for years, even if you take it on rougher water.

And our Swiss quality control guarantees that the board you’ll be getting is perfect. And our leash isn’t just for your safety – it’s also for carrying your board to and from the water. Smart, huh? The bag you’ll be carrying your SipaBoard Air in is perfect too.

Toss in your board, fold up the bag and even store your collapsible paddle.

But here’s the best part: to truly customize your paddling experience, our new Air models come in 3 beautiful shapes. A cruiser – perfect for the paddler who wants to hit the water fast and paddle hard. A stable balance board for a moment of serenity in your favorite spot.

And an all-arounder, for families and fun-lovers of all kinds, especially those who want to spend as much time in the water as they do on it.

But no matter what your preference, your first board needs to be awesome. It will be with you for years, so SipaBoards Air is not made just to self-inflate.

It’s also made to last. Be one of the first to feel how our state-of-the-art design will make it all the more tempting to sneak off and hit the water for a session.

And speaking of sneaking off, that’s exactly what I got to do. I’m off to a board meeting!

Thank you so much for loving our SipaBoards Air as much as we do! And thanks for your support! See you on the water!”

We hope to see you out on the water on a SipaBoards Air soon!

The Tede Times team.