Paddleboard Yoga: Peace and Tranquility Out On the Water

For me, just being out on the open water puts me in an instantly peaceful state, but recently I’ve found I can go that one step further.

As you know I’m an avid paddleboarder, particularly on my inflatable paddleboard, and after much practice I’m beginning to enjoy the fruits of paddle board yoga after being introduced to it by some friends. Paddle board yoga is essentially the act of performing yoga while out on the water on your board.

Yet it’s not quite that easy.

It has taken me hours of practice, not only in the yoga studio but also with my board inflated at home in the garden and practicing on dry land. This has helped to develop the correct postures, poses and techniques while getting used to being on the board itself. Now let me tell you that the transition to being on water has not been easy.

In fact it’s been the hardest part of learning this new sport. Even on the most placid lake, the extra bit of give that the board has while floating can completely throw your balance and concentration.

Your weight has to be placed so delicately on the board but once you’ve mastered the skill, it’s such a rewarding activity. Yoga adds a new element to paddleboarding.

The peaceful, traquil setting of the open water combined with a relaxing, strengthening activity is beneficial for both the body and mind.

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Not only that, a recent study in the US has stated that yoga practitioners are 20% more likely to have a positive self-image as compared to the general population.

In fact, the National Health Service (NHS) – the UK’s public health system – actively promotes yoga and helps people find a class to begin their journey.

Speaking from personal experience, I’ve seen positive lifestyle improvements from both a mental and physical perspective and I can wholeheartedly recommend giving it a try.

Particularly if you are already an experienced paddleboarder and want to add an extra dimension to your paddleboarding experience, then give ISUP yoga a try.