Best ISUP On a Budget

To be frank, buying an ISUP can be a significant investment. It isn’t the cheapest hobby to get into but believe me when I say this, you’ll be glad that you did. There are plenty of options for people with financial constraints or people that aren’t quite ready to commit to investing even more money in something they’re not sure they will make the most of.

I was in the exact same position when I bought my first inflatable paddleboard. I wanted the best ISUP for my budget (which at the time wasn’t by any means exhaustive) and my research – mainly through reading ISUP reviews online and talking to my friends – led me to investing in a board that was not only right for me, but also my wallet.

But having this knowledge is not enough. I feel an obligation to share what I consider to be the best ISUPs for people on a budget. I have collated the three best budget ISUP options and my reasons why.


Ten Toes - The Weekender ISUP (10'0")


  • Pricing: An incredible pricepoint for a great piece of kit
  • Accessories Galore: The bundle package also comes with a 3 piece paddle (which is super lightweight!), 3 fins for the board a manual pump and an ISUP repair kit meaning you can hit the water right away - there’s nothing else you need to buy
  • Warranty Included: The Ten Toes board comes with a one year warranty bundled into the price so you can be safe in the knowledge that your investment is secured for 12 months from purchase
  • High Quality: This isn’t the cheapest inflatable paddleboard on the market, but the difference in quality of material used to make this board and the noticeably cheaper ISUPs makes this a top choice for me


  • No Leash: The package doesn’t come with a leash to connect you with the board meaning you’ll need to spend a little more money to buy one separately. For me, a leash is not an essential when out paddleboarding but I know friends that would say otherwise. If you’re not the most confident swimmer and concerned about your ISUP getting away from you when you hit the water then I’d recommend paying the little bit extra and buying yourself a leash.
  • No Shoulder Strap or Backpack: The Ten Toes board simply rolls up, similar to a sleeping mat, which isn't a bad solution but you may prefer a backpack or carry bag to help you transport the board a little easier

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer ISUP (9'10")


  • Strong Brand: Tower are a popular brand with proven track record in producing good ISUPs
  • Good Warranty: 2 year warranty means you can be safe in the knowledge you’ve got at least 24 months from your board
  • Design: Simple design yet has some cool design features generally under-utilised on boards at this price
  • Durable: Made from a drop-stitch PVC that is up to military grade standards


  • Not the Cheapest ISUP: With Tower you expect to pay that little bit more, but what you sacrifice on price is certainly made up for in build quality
  • No Backpack or Carry Bag: Similar to the Ten Toes board, the lack of a carry bag makes it awkward to comfortably carry any sort of distance. Of course you can buy an ISUP backpack but that will obviously add to your overall price

Z-Ray Pathfinder ISUP (99”)


  • Price Point: This board is super cheap and has been very competitively priced, making the Pathfinder a great entry level ISUP
  • Accessories Included: The Pathfinder comes with a paddle, pump, carrying backpack, detachable fin and a valve wrench
  • Detachable Fin: The fin (included in the set) not only helps you pick up some speed in deeper water but also detaches when not needed


  • No Warranty: The Pathfinder ISUP doesn’t come with a warranty from the manufacturer. This is usually a flag for me when scoping out a new ISUP but the reviews I’ve read so far have all been positive and the board itself is made from a tough, durable drop-stitch PVC