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Over the last decade, the popularity of stand-up paddleboarding and using inflatable paddleboards has exploded due to various unique benefits that this addictive and fun water sport provides.

It is our aim to share with you our passion and to provide an in-depth look at the benefits of using an inflatable stand up paddleboard (ISUP). We will also guide individuals thinking of buying an inflatable board with a full buyers guide of what you need to consider before making an ISUP purchase as well as in-depth product reviews.

Adventurer 2

Brand: Tower Boards

Our pick for versatility and all abilities

  • Stable & Mobile
  • Popular Choice
  • Colour Choices


Brand: Ten Toes

One of our favourite all-round boards

  • 3 Detachable Fins
  • Extra Comfort
  • No bag included


Brand: Z-Ray

Our pick for those on a budget & 1st timers

  • Great Price Point
  • Ideal for 1st timers
  • A thin board (4")

Naish One

Brand: Naish

Our pick for a racing and touring ISUP

  • For All Abilities
  • A Fast Board
  • No paddle included

What Makes Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Boarding so Popular?

The answer is simple, ISUPs are a peaceful, powerful and simple way to enjoy being on the water that can be done by anyone at any level. Stand-up paddle boarding is now one of the most preferred water sport activities for families, couples, friends and individuals (particularly throughout the summer season). But that doesn’t necessarily mean those looking for more excitement miss out too, on the contrary.

ISUP For Thrill Seekers: For any thrill seeking individual, inflatable stand-up paddle boarding can be a heart-pounding and adrenaline pumping activity when performed in the intense currents of a fast-flowing river, or when catching a giant wave in the open ocean.

ISUP For Peaceful Souls: For those looking to make the most of ISUPs restorative qualities or who cannot participate in high intensity activity, inflatable stand-up paddle boarding is a dream. Take an inflatable paddleboard cruising across the gentle waters of a lake or beach shallows and try telling me you’re not relaxed!

The Health Benefits of Inflatable Stand-up Paddleboarding

Full Body Workout on Inflatable Stand-up Paddleboards

Stand-up paddle boarding is an activity that will genuinely give your body a workout – strengthening, toning and working muscles you didn’t know you have! The intensity of the workout naturally depends on of the type of water that you’re paddling on, but either way your body will thank you later.

ISUPs help to make use of most of the body’s muscles whether it’s staying balanced, propelling yourself forward on the water or taking corners and turning.

  • Muscle Function: How It All Works

The leg muscles work hard to maintain an upright steadiness, stabilizing your center of gravity while the arms, shoulders and back muscles function to drive you and your ISUP forward on the water.

In essence, your back, core, and abdominal muscles are constantly working to ensure that you maintain your balance – increasing your body’s exercise endurance levels whilst improving balance.

  • Low Impact Exercise: A Great Way To Rehabilitate Injuries

Anyone who uses their inflatable stand-up paddleboard on flat, calm waters will absorb all the benefits low impact exercise while being much less likely to damage joints, tendons and ligaments.

It’s the ideal sport for recovery too. In fact, many athletes who are experiencing hip and knee pains or shin splints are commonly advised to stand-up paddleboard as a means of physical therapy to rehabilitate their injuries.

  • Culling Calories and Crushing Cardio

Paddleboarding offers similar health benefits that are comparable to those obtained from aerobics, running or cross-training – predominantly the burning of calories (up to 400 calories or more per hour).

This can also translate to increased weight loss, which in turn will aid the relief on weight-related pain in joints and muscles.

Scientific research in numerous studies have stated that senior citizens who actively participate in stand-up paddle boarding have seen additional health benefits such as decreasing their likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease or suffering from a stroke. This doesn’t only apply to the elderly – in my opinion, anyone can take motivation and encouragement from this!

  • Relieve Stress

Taking my ISUP out on the water is the perfect way of relieving accumulated or day to day stresses that I may have. Once on the water, I instantly relax.

Nature is the key ingredient here. I’m not the first and won’t be the last to talk positively about the healing and calming effects of being surrounded by trees, water, sand and soil.

And as you focus your mental energy on the physical action of paddling and maintaining balance, your mind will drift to a very peaceful place and, in my personal experience, this melts away any stress or negativity that has been building.

  • Practice Yoga on your Inflatable Stand-up Paddleboard

Combine the powerful elements of sunshine, fresh air and water with yoga and you’ve got a serious recipe for relaxation, focus and meditation (as well as relieving any stress-related anxiety that I spoke about earlier).

ISUP yoga works to tone, strengthen, and stretch your body – just like regular yoga. However using an inflatable stand-up paddleboard as your yoga mat makes the entire process that bit more challenging!

Rather than have a firm platform to provide stability, an inflatable stand up paddleboard is that bit less stable on the water and you’ll need to recruit all of your core muscles to provide stability and balance. You are forced to improve your stance by advancing your balance skills and tap into your upper body strength when paddling in and out of the water. A great test of focus for any yoga practitioner and I highly recommend giving it a try.


I’m not going to be the one to settle this argument, but before we get into the factors that you’ll need to consider when selecting a suitable ISUP, there is one key difference that has made ALL the difference for me when choosing between a standard paddleboard and an inflatable stand-up paddleboard.

The weight and transportation problem is solved by ISUPs, it’s that simple. Standard paddleboards are heavy and cumbersome regardless of your stature. That are very few people that make carrying a paddleboard look easy, period. Some people are shorter, some can’t carry that much weight and it’s a genuine struggle - I’m including myself in this.

Then there’s the issue of transportation. Not everyone has a car and those that do own one don’t necessarily have roofrack or the space to feet 10 feet of board in the trunk. For me, inflatable stand-up paddleboards solve this. Clean, deflate and pack up your board and you’re ready to go.

More and more manufacturers are putting a lot of research and development into the carry bags that come with new ISUPs and we’ve got some example on the site to show you. Yes you sacrifice that solid inner core, but seriously the quality of material that the latest ISUPs on the market are made from (often military-grade PVC) should put your mind at rest.

Top 6 Best Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboards

1. Ten Toes Weekender Inflatable SUP

Specifications at a glance
  • Material: Military-Grade PVC
  • Included in the Package: Inflatable board, 3-piece aluminium paddle, 3 detachable fins, pump, repair kit, 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • ​Size: 10 Feet 0 inches
  • ​Weight Limit: 250 lbs
  • ​Colour: Black/Red, Blue, Green, Gray or Seafoam
  • Our Rating: 4.5/5
A stunning all-round option that both looks and feels great on the water. The Ten Toes Weekender offers a high maneuverability and stability all in one well designed ISUP. Not to mention it comes in at a great price point, meaning this board is accessible to most budgets and certainly all skill levels. Ten Toes have put together a great package for The Weekender and you won’t go far wrong with this board.

2. Tower Boards Adventurer 2 Inflatable SUP

Specifications at a glance
  • Material: Military-Grade PVC with Drop-Stitch Construction
  • Included in the Package: Inflatable board, front bungee, carry handles (nose and tail), pump, 3-piece adjustable fibreglass paddle, fin, 2 year manufacturer's warranty
  • ​Size: 10 Feet 4 inches
  • ​Weight Limit: 350 lbs
  • ​Colour: White/Grey/Black only
  • Our Rating: 5/5
The Adventurer 2 is a stunning all round, versatile board that has some marked improvements from it’s predecessor. As well as an increase in size (10’4”) and thickness (6 inches), the board retains all of Tower’s great design and build features meaning this is one of the best ISUPs on the market at this price. Tower have thrown in some superb additions to the package too, including a front bungee, carry handles and a detachable fin. This ISUP package comes with Tower’s 2 year warranty too.

3. Z-Ray PathFinder Inflatable SUP

Specifications at a glance
  • Material: PVC Material with Multi-Layer Drop-Stitch
  • Included in the Package: Inflatable board, adjustable aluminium paddle, front bungee, pump, detachable centre fin, carry bag (with shoulder straps), valve wrench
  • ​Size: 9 Feet 9 inches
  • ​Weight Limit: 350 lbs
  • ​Colour: Blue/White/Grey or Orange/White/Grey
  • Rating: 4.5/5
The Pathfinder is our pick for first time buyers and beginner inflatable paddleboarders on a budget (or for anyone on a budget in fact). The board and accessories are available at a startingly low price yet they deliver on quality like no others at this cost. Pick from their vibrant colour scheme and get practicing out on the water straight away with a package that includes a detachable fin, a backpack carry bag, pump and valve wrench. The ultimate ‘start-up’ kit!

4. Naish One Inflatable SUP

Specifications at a glance
  • Material: UV Protected EF Poly Skin
  • Included in the Package: Inflatable board, pump, canvas carry bag, repair kit, detachable fin
  • ​Size: 12 Feet 6 inches
  • ​Weight Limit: Not stated
  • ​Colour: Yellow/Black/White/Grey only
  • Our Rating: 4/5
The Naish One is our pick for the touring, racing or flat water ISUP enthusiast. It’s designed perfectly for all three yet adapts to other conditions with ease making it a popular choice for riders of all abilities from beginners right through to the most experienced boarders. The Naish One has itself a stunning design too, while the board itself is made from the highest quality poly skin (which is UV protected).

Additional Top Contenders


Brand: Tower Boards

  • Material: Military-Grade PVC with Drop-Stitch Construction
  • Included in the Package: Inflatable board, pump, 3-piece adjustable fibreglass paddle, 2 year manufacturer's warranty
  • ​Size: 9 Feet 10 inches
  • ​Weight Limit: 350 lbs
  • ​Colour: White/Grey/Black only
  • Our Rating: 4.5/5

The Adventurer is an inflatable paddleboard that will work hard for you on the water and in your wallet. Glide (almost) effortlessly across flat water on a smooth and very stable board that performs exceptionally well despite it’s relatively unusual dimensions.

The Adventurer is a compact ISUP at just 9’10” allowing you to roll it up into an easy-to-carry bundle and for simple storage. The price point is extremely competitive too, meaning you won’t break the bank if you opt for the Adventurer ISUP by Tower.

Astro Whopper Deluxe

Brand: Starboard

  • Material: 6" Dropstitch with uni-directional connecting yarns
  • Included in the Package: Starboard magic bag, V8 double action pump,
    1 year manufacturer’s warranty, detachable fin
  • ​Size: 10 Feet 0 Inches
  • ​Weight Limit: 255 lbs
  • ​Colour: Green/Blue/Grey only
  • Our Rating: 4/5

The Starboard Astro Whopper Deluxe is a giant all-round, versatile and stable board that packs up into a stunning carry bag that is the best we’ve seen on the market.

And despite it’s measurements the Astro Whopper Deluxe also ticks the box of being an agile mover which makes taking corners and simply turning a breeze.

This board is a popular choice for families due to it’s accessibility for a range of riders from beginners to experienced paddleboarders.

What to Consider When Purchasing an Inflatable Stand-up Paddleboard (ISUP)

There are several factors that are important to consider before buying an inflatable stand-up paddleboard:

  • How You’ll Use Your ISUP
  • Measurements
  • Weight
  • Transporting Your ISUP
  • ISUP Use
  • Measurements
  • Weight Limits
  • Transport

Board Measurements

Stability is a key controlling factor in stand-up paddleboarding. In this sense, stability refers to the amount of side to side rocking motions that you when standing upright on an ISUP, and the level of floatation your body weight gives you on the board. Your stability and balance are affected by the width, length, and thickness of the ISUP.

As a general rule of thumb with board measurement, an ISUP that has greater volume provides better stability. A wide ISUP provides better stability and balance due to its wide surface area.

Long boards also help with stability however you are more likely to sacrifice turning and cornering prowess with the greater length you have. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ answer here.

It depends on what you want from a board and what you feel comfortable on (take into account your own body weight too). This can all be very hard to judge for a beginner so I highly recommend getting some assistance in an inflatable stand up paddleboard store or rental shop – they’re often very keen to help out.

The ISUP For You: Researching and Decision Making

Truly, the only way you can choose an inflatable stand-up paddleboard is by doing your own thorough research on the various models that are available in the market. We’ve tried to take a lot of the heavy lifting out of your research process by featuring 6 stellar ISUPs that we think offer the best value and quality on the market today.

Some of the boards we feature specialise more in certain areas than others and vice versa. But I encourage you to take your time on the site and read through the ISUP reviews at leisure.


Most local ISUP store staff members are commonly experienced at stand-up paddle boarding and can provide expert advice and information that will help you make an educated decision when making your selection.


During your search for the most suitable inflatable stand-up paddleboard, ask (and take note) the day that your local SUP store has demo days and attend them. You’ll be able to see each of the boards in the ‘flesh’ and make your own review of the ISUPs available while you have them all in front of you.

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